Production of packages to order

Profitable advertising for business.
Production of packages to order

Marketers believe that bags with logo are one of the few 24/7 promotional tools for any business.

Most buyers agree that providing a package when they making a purchase is not a bonus, but only a part of the service. To some extent, this is true, but there are a great way to turn this information into a success for your business – is to order print on bags.

This solution will provide convenience for customers, which is an important factor of the success in the market and will be a great way to promote any business. Because in addition to the packaging, you will also receive additional free advertising.

After all, a T-shirt bag, a loop handle bag or any other plastic or polypropylene flexible packaging is a universal thing that can be used repeatedly in the home. Therefore, if you buy packages wholesale – you will get the long-term business advertising.

Demand for plastic bags is further explained by the fact that this flexible packaging has the lowest price on the market, even, compared to paper counterparts, which are 2-3 times more expensive and for their production is using the deforestation.

Logogroup has long been specialized in the production of logo bags and other flexible packaging, and has offered to buy polyethylene bags wholesale at a good price. It is also possible to order production of recycled polyethylene or biodegradable bags with the addition of oxo additives, which accelerate the process of degradation of polymers. Each order is calculated individually, as the price depends on the size, thickness, circulation and colors.

Plastic bags are a universal packaging that customers will be happy to take for their next purchase. If you do not choose a logo or image for your future package, our designer will be happy to help you realize your idea. Consult and order.