The cost of packages with a logo

How much does it cost to make packages with your own logo?
The cost of packages with a logo

Undoubtedly, the most popular question of everyone who comes to us for the first time: "What is the price for branded plastic bags?". Since Logogroup is a manufacturer, the cost of the products is definitely nice. And the whole range of goods presented in the company's catalogs does not contain intermediary margins.
Logogroup has been functioning in the market of custom plastic bags and other flexible packaging products more than 10 years, we have managed to achieve the ideal price-quality ratio. Therefore, most customers, convinced that our product really meets all the requirements and needs, remain our partners and continue mutually beneficial cooperation. After all, only few manufacturers in Ukraine offer plastic bags with logo with high-quality printing at a price that we can offer.

The cost of plastic bags, no matter: a T-shirt bag or a d-cut bag, is calculated individually. This means that the price directly depends on the size, color, thickness and complexity of printing on packages. The minimum order quantity is also calculated according to the above parameters.

There are many nuances on which the price will depend, so it will not be quite correct to form a price list, as it can take several pages. The managers of our company are engaged in calculation of the prices personally. So they can better pay attention to needs of everyone who addresses to us. You can leave contact information in the chat window or data for miscalculation and we will be happy to calculate the exact cost of polyethylene bags with your logo.