The thickness of the plastic bag with the logo

How to choose the thickness of a plastic bag?
The thickness of the plastic bag with the logo

All polyethylene bags with the logo are different. They may differ in such characteristics as colors, shapes, sizes or thicknesses. The last characteristic is very important because it is directly related to the strength of the package. For example the ability of a T-shirt bag to withstand the load will depend on its thickness.

The thickness of the plastic bags, as well as other flexible packaging, is measured in microns. Often when ordering, the customer does not know exactly what thickness of the package he needs. In this case, Logogroup's managers will help you with all necessary characteristics.

For example, if you order 20 microns patch handle bag, you cannot hope that it will withstand heavy machinery or any other heavy goods. And if the weight of the goods in your store does not exceed 3 kg, then there is no point in overpaying for excessively strong packages.
Therefore, before buying wholesale packages, pay attention to such details and consult with experts.

5-10 microns - plastic bags for packing fruits, vegetables, groceries and haberdashery, mainly goods up to 1-2 kg. Basically package of this thickness go without handles.

10-16 microns - small sizes package also for not heavy goods up to 1-4 kg.

18-20 microns is a very popular plastic bag thickness, withstand 4-5 kg.

20-30 microns - plastic bags of optimal thickness for average stores of clothing, footwear, etc., bearing a weight of 5-10 kg. But it is important that the things you will carried weren't sharp.

35-50 microns are very durable packages that are often used for heavy parts or manufactured goods. It is important to know that the strength of the package depends not only on the thickness, but also on the type of film.

In the manufacture of polyethylene bags of high-pressure polyethylene, ultimately receive:
- glossy;
- elastic;
- thicker bags.

In the manufacture of polyethylene bags of low pressure polyethylene, will receive:
- strong;
- "scratchy";
- solid;
- cheaper plastic bags.