The question of the disposal of packaging waste

Who is responsible for the disposal of packaging waste and what is the way out of this situation.
The question of the disposal of packaging waste

Packaging - the concept is very multifaceted, it includes products from a wide variety of materials. But what happens after the packaging becomes unnecessary? Used packaging can be used until the moment of unsuitability, for example, a t-shirt bag or a banana bag. But, if the container is no longer suitable for anything, such as used garbage bags, then you should think about such a thing as recycling.

When it comes to environmental issues, it is unfair to dump everything on those involved in the manufacture of bags and other packaging. But why, then, does everyone blame them so eagerly?

Indeed, according to article 17 of the Law on Waste of Ukraine: business entities in the field of waste management are obliged to ensure the reception and disposal of used packaging materials either independently or by concluding agreements with specialized enterprises. According to the explanations of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship, this obligation is assigned to a business entity whose products are in packaging, i.e. on the owner of the product or product. However, these requirements should apply to those who have ownership of the packages and packaging after using the products in it. For violation of this requirement, administrative and civil liability are provided.

That is, instead of a deliberate struggle for a clean environment, the easiest way is to throw the blame on someone else and stay away. But now there are really a lot of opportunities for a rational solution to the situation, you just need to find what works best.

Today, more than ever, a reduction in waste is needed. Recycled products are a great way to help this planet. Naturally, not all enterprises even want to think about it. In turn, the company Logogroup informs each client about the availability of eco-packages and analogues of products from recycled materials in the assortment, and also argues all the advantages of this solution.
Time does not stand still, and all these factors have led experts around the world to constantly invent newer technologies for the secondary processing of raw materials, trying to make the material retain its properties longer during subsequent processing. Therefore, the task of entrepreneurs is to delve deeply into this topic, and packaging production enterprises are to provide entrepreneurs with all the necessary information and opportunities.