Stretch film

Stretch wrap from the manufacturer.
Stretch film

Stretch film has a fairly wide range of applications. It is a universal and simply indispensable assistant in industry, production and in everyday life.
Most often, the film is used for tightening and fixing various objects and materials.
This is a great option for packing goods on pallets. The stretch film of our production is extremely elastic and strong. It is the high elasticity that allows you to tightly install and secure the product.

To buy a stretch film wholesale, means, also to save considerably means as all production specified at us on a site does not contain intermediary margins. Stretch film performs the following functions:
- fixation of goods on the pallet;
- protection of goods from pollution and moisture;
- to some extent protection of cargo from theft during transportation;
- protection of goods from UV rays;
- extension of product shelf life;

The range also includes heat-shrinkable film, air-bubble film, polypropylene film and other types of films.