Serial production

Where can I read more about batch products and sample finished products?
Serial production

Packaging manufacturers need to think about convenience for customers, Logogroup also cares about their customers, so in addition to custom packaging, we offer to buy serial products.

For many years, Logogroup has been manufacturing plastic bags, logo bags and other flexible packaging. Quality, reliability and low prices have led to high demand for mass production in many fields of trade and industry. These factors justify the purchase of these products in bulk.
The company manufactures series products on its own production, keeping all quality standards. From the warehouse you can always order: packing bags, garbage bags, etc. For the production of all products listed on the site, including serial products, high-quality polyethylene is used, characterized by high durability and reliability.

Products are stored in the company's warehouses, always and available for order. The batch product arrives to the customer in a few days, as it does not require individual production.

You can view samples of serial products on the product page, under the "Serial Products" tab, which also lists material, density, color and price of goods.