Secondary polyethylene

Areas of application and properties of secondary polyethylene products.
Secondary polyethylene

Plastic and polypropylene flexible packaging is a product that can be used in vary areas of activity.

The polyethylene used by Logogroup for the production of bags with logo and other flexible packaging is characterized by its strength, moisture resistance, elasticity and tightness. Therefore, the company has been successfully operating in the market of packaging for many years and has partners and clients all over Ukraine.

Today, as never before, is an urgent concern for the environment. Many researchers around the world are convinced that recycling and reusing of resources will help the environment. Therefore, Logogroup offers its customers high quality recycled polyethylene products.

It is believed that secondary polyethylene is worse than usual and does not match the promised characteristics. However, compared to conventional, secondary polyethylene is not at all an indicator of the poor quality of its products. Usually the products of these materials differ only in their light transmittance and price. Polyethelene bags with the logo made from the secondary polyethylene in strength and elasticity are not inferior to the products of primary polyethylene, but the price in the first case is much lower.

The properties of secondary polyethylene:
• resistance to temperature differences -50 - +60 degrees Celsius;
• durability and reliability;
• non-toxic material;
• UV radiation resistance up to 2 months;
• less light transmittance than primary polyethylene;
• inability to use products in the food sector.
As for the last property, it is a bit controversial. It is not recommended to allow direct contact of such products with food products. But, usually, all the products you buy in supermarkets and stores are already packed, so in this situation there is nothing dangerous.

Preferably, recycled polyethylene products are used as garbage bags or in the construction area, but this is not their sole purpose. The range of applications of bags of secondary polyethylene is quite wide: the sphere of clothing, footwear, toys, household goods, electrical engineering, etc. In addition, reusable packaging and other recycled polyethylene products may be reused.

Logogroup offers to order products made of recycled polyethylene and guarantees its quality, safety and full compliance with all requirements of governmental requirements.