Printing on polyethylene bags

Production of polyethylene bags with logo.
Printing on polyethylene bags

Advertising is a powerful business engine. Any successful brand can function without this indispensable element of the marketing mix. Packaging with logo are an effective promotion tool for almost all areas of activity.

In everyday life, people use polyethylene bags every day, this is everyday life, so not everyone thinks that it is a powerful driver in marketing.

Plastic bags are a versatile helper in various situations, and are also convenient and cheap packaging. They can be packed with everything from clothes and shoes to car tires.

Logo bags are not only a means of promotion, they have many benefits:
- strength;
- tightness;
- price;
- versatility.

One of the most effective forms of disseminating information about your business or brand is printing on polyethylene bags.

There are many statistic info about usage of poly bags per year, and they are different in each country, but still remain that this kind of packaging is in the top of the list. Quite high demand has generated such a variety of shapes and sizes of this type of packaging.
For example, a T-shirt bag is most commonly used as a package for food. He is the strongest among his "colleagues" and easily copes with large goods.
D cut bags are used as image bags for clothing, footwear, office stores, etc. The cutout in these packaging is similar in shape to this fruit, from there is the name.

Logogroup offers custom logo packs. Wholesale parties only. For printing on bags we use flexography, which will ensure quality and surprise at a good price. Logogroup uses the best raw materials to make polyethylene bags, so you can't worry about quality, we'll take care of that. All you need is a logo or idea to design your future packages.