Plastic eco bags

Which types of plastic eco packages do we offer?
Plastic eco bags

Logogroup has been operating in the market of plastic logo packaging and flexible packaging for over 10 years. All these years we have been improving, gaining supporters and building strong partnerships. We always try to follow all the trends and know all latest developments in the world of packaging.

We believe that the pollution of the environment is one of the most important issues today. Therefore, in our range there are several options for environmentally friendly packaging, which we offer to our customers. These include: polyethylene bags with the logo, garbage bags and other flexible packaging.

In total we allocate 3 types of plastic eco bags.

- Oxobiodegradable packages. In appearance and characteristics - its the same ordinary plastic bags, but a special additive is added to the raw material, which accelerates the decomposition process. Thus, the package decomposes three years after use.

- Biocompost bags. This is a novelty in our range - bags made of polymers of vegetable raw materials. To decompose such a package, it is necessary to provide certain composting conditions. If this item is neglected, the plastic eco bag will decompose in the landfill no faster than ordinary plastic bags.

- Packages from secondary raw materials. Plastic bags made of secondary raw materials also belong to eco-packages, as primary polyethylene is not used for the production of packages, and after operation, the bags can be recycled. Adherence to such a cycle of polyethylene in our lives would solve many problems.

The cost of polyethylene bags with logo is calculated individually, depending on: size, thickness, number of colors and complexity of printing.

Order free samples of goods. The manager will select approximate samples of our production packages so that you can see for yourself the quality of the products and our professionalism.