Plastic bags for cleaning dogs

Biodegradable dog poop bag.
Plastic bags for cleaning dogs

Cleaning by  your dogs, especially in public places, is a necessary procedure that should not be neglected, as dog waste is quite harmful to soils and water bodies.

Ecology is now in the first place in all areas, that's why we offer modern solutions - biodegradable bags for dogs. Such plastic bags decompose in 3 years and they are absolutely ecological and safe for the environment.

Logogroup has been engaged in the manufacture of garbage bags for a long time, including bags for cleaning dogs. We offer to order such polyethylene bags for dogs in bulk from the manufacturer at a very nice price, because all products from our product range do not contain intermediary margins. We offer you a compact flexible packaging made of durable, pleasant to touch, material. Packaging of our production allow you to quickly clean up after the dog and do not create discomfort for pet owners, and they can easily be taken for a walk.

Plastic bags for cleaning dogs can have several forms. Ask information our manager. It is possible to make such bags with a logo, because printing on plastic bags is a good and free advertisement for your business.