T-shirt bag

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T-shirt bag

Popular durable package for household goods. It is most often chosen as the packaging for consumer goods by the owners of shops and supermarkets. The "T-shirt" bsg is characterized by its excellent performance, high durability and low cost. A package that can withstand anything and even more.

The only type of construction that includes bottom brazing, side folds and detachable bonding. Due to these characteristics, such packages are widely used in retail as packaging for products, for industrial and textile products. The assortment also includes T-shirt bags in roll that are perfect for packing vegetables, fruits, and other foods.
Advantages of T-shirt bags:
- low cost;
- high load capacity;
- a brand promotion tool;
- convenience and practicality in use.

Buyers are already accustomed to offering a convenient package at the checkout where they can place their purchases. Therefore, no modern store or mall can not to function completely  without such packages (die cut bag, loop handle packages or T-shirt bags).

In addition to the distinctive features that these products possess, the logo package will serve as an effective brand promotion tool.
When a person walks down the street, holding a package with a logo of a certain brand, others, sometimes even at a subconscious level, pay attention to what is printed there. And the brain can remember images of logos and other information, even without our knowledge, and issue information at the right time.
The tool by which business owners kill two birds with one stone:
- provide customers with packaging for goods;
- advertise the company without spending extra money.

Logogroup is engaged in the production of packages with logo and other flexible custom packaging, also we have an available finished serial products in stock. We suggest you to review our product assortment and consult with our managers who are happy to offer you the best option. Sizes, print areas on packages and product samples are indicated on each product card.