Myths about biodegradable packages

Why do oxo-biodegradable bags have the same characteristics as polyethylene, and what measures will help to save the environment?
Myths about biodegradable packages

Myth 1. This is very expensive
Actually. Bio bags are not made of new material, basically its the same polyethylene. The difference is that in the manufacture of packages to polyethylene add a special additive (read more about the additive), which greatly speeds up the decomposition process. The percentage composition of this supplement is quite low, which allows biodegradable bags to maintain a leading position in the economy.

Myth 2. The parameters change
Actually. The oxo-biodegradable bag with the logo in its performance does not differ from conventional plastic products. All parameters and characteristics are saved.

Myth 3. Special conditions are required to schedule such products
Actually. No special conditions are required for decomposing the oxo bags. Such conditions are necessary for decomposition of the biobags, not to be confused with oxo-bio. Biobagsare products made from polymers of vegetable raw materials. First, bio-bags need composting, in the process of which methane gas is released, they cannot be called eco bags at all. Secondly, they are several times more expensive than oxo-biodegradable bags.
Oxo-folding additive allows the plastic products to decompose over a period of time. The additive, when added to polyethylene, breaks down the bonds at the molecular level at some point in time, which leads to decomposition.

Myth 4. Paper bags are safer
Actually. All these new-fashioned craft packages are doing a lot of damage to the environment. Therefore, those who care about the environment have categorically refused using such products. Good packaging does not cost deforestation.

Logogroup offers to wholesale biodegradable bags such as die cut bag, T-shirt bag, plastic bags, etc. Price will depend on print run, colors, sizes and additional features. Delivery all over Ukraine.

However, Logogroup does not imply that using such products will save the environment, no it's not. Only the sorting of garbage and the recycling of raw materials can help the environment.