Metallized Laminate Cardboard

Metallized Laminate Cardboard for vacuum packaging.
Metallized Laminate Cardboard

Metallized Laminate Cardboard are most often used together with vacuum bags in the packaging of various delicacies, soft and fish cuts and other foods.

Cardboard metallized are made of moisture-resistant cardboard with double-sided film coating. Thanks to which the substrate does not get wet, does not flake off and does not lose its shape.

Cardboard metallized gold and silver for smoked food and vacuum packing are intended for presentation (calculation) of confectionery, fish, sausages. The laminated substrate gives the product a more attractive appearance and provides reliability during transportation, as well as facilitates placement in shop windows. The cardboard lining is light, convenient, environmentally friendly, easy to dispose of and affordable.

When using laminated metallized cardboard during packaging of goods, the technological cycle of packaging is simplified. This increases production, especially on automated packaging lines.