It is the question that bothers many customers that are turning to Logogroup.
Really, it is not easy to choose, but when a customer receives samples of products that Logogroup sends for free, the package selects you by himself. T-shirt bag Superman among packages due to its load capacity. Therefore, if the product is not easy and overall, then there are not better option. It doesn't have as large a print area as a die cut bag or a loop handle package but also performs well as a brand promotion. Convenience is exactly about the t-shirt bag. The only type of construction that includes brazing, side folds and tear-off faste
Advantages of plastic bags with logo.
Packages with the logo are quite popular products, note the companies involved in the manufacture of packages and other flexible packaging. This phenomenon is explained very easily. The fact is that logo packages are one of the most affordable, effective and inexpensive ways of advertising. Packages are used on a daily basis and are always in sight, therefore, the images or any different information affixed to them are remembered by others. Stylish and bright, company-branded packages with a logo will attract the attention of potential customer
Profitable advertising for business.
Marketers believe that bags with logo are one of the few 24/7 promotional tools for any business. Most buyers agree that providing a package when they making a purchase is not a bonus, but only a part of the service. To some extent, this is true, but there are a great way to turn this information into a success for your business – is to order print on bags. This solution will provide convenience for customers, which is an important factor of the success in the market and will be a great way to promote any business. Because in addition to
Where can I read more about batch products and sample finished products?
Packaging manufacturers need to think about convenience for customers, Logogroup also cares about their customers, so in addition to custom packaging, we offer to buy serial products. For many years, Logogroup has been manufacturing plastic bags, logo bags and other flexible packaging. Quality, reliability and low prices have led to high demand for mass production in many fields of trade and industry. These factors justify the purchase of these products in bulk.The company manufactures series products on its own production, keeping all quality
Why most entrepreneurs choose packages with a logo?
The most affordable type of packaging today is plastic bags for packaging. The scope of use for this type of packaging is endless. Especially now the packages with the logo are most popular. This solution will provide not only convenience for customers, but also serve as a powerful advertisement for any business. The T-shirt bag is widely used in supermarkets and grocery stores for the packaging of fruits and vegetables. It has two sturdy handles, and a very robust design that can withstand high weights. Therefore, in addition to grocery stores
What is flex printing and cliche? Advantages of this printing technology.
Nowadays flexo printing is one of the main types by which images are obtained on various materials. Flexography is widely used for printing on packages and labels. With the flexo machine, you can print packages with your company logo, contacts, or any other information. For many years Logogroup has been using this printing technology. After all, drawing on images, logos or other business information is an integral attribute of the corporate identity of the product, which is also a kind of advertising. Flexo printing is a way to print on a varie
Step-by-step description of the plastic packaging manufacturing process.
Logogroup's factories specialize in the manufacture of plastic packaging of varying complexity, of barrier materials of various types. These include lines for the manufacture of polyethylene sleeves, polypropylene film and films of combined materials - polypropylene / polyethylene / polyethylene terephthalate / foil / paper. Basic packaging manufacturing technology has not changed for many years, improving only in detail. One of the areas of development is the improvement of the polymer resin components themselves. This includes a number of add
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