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Plastic bags are an extremely profitable tool for promoting a brand, store or company. Marketers recommend using this method of disseminating information, as it is very profitable in terms of value for money. After all, plastic bags with a logo are 2 in 1 - practical packaging and round-the-clock advertising. Brand and product promotion is a necessary process for any company or store. In this way, they attract new customers, increase sales and inform about the brand and its values. Printing on plastic bags, you get almost free mass advertising,
Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of attracting more customers. Some people think that it is enough to create a good product or offer a profitable product and a wave of interested buyers will rush to the shelves on their own. It's time to remember that buyers are not "found" by themselves. Of course, there is no universal plan that will suit everyone, but we decided to tell you about several tools on which you should definitely pay attention and integrate into your activities. If you are a beginner and just starting out, we advise you to st
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Since the Logogroup company specializes in wholesale production and distribution, we try to please our customers as much as possible. After all, a satisfied client will remain for further cooperation, and we are always focused on the long term partnership. The volumes of goods we handle are too large, and the relationships with entrepreneurs and companies that ask us every day to make plastic bags or packaging are too valuable for our team to let things go on their own. Therefore, each stage that our customer goes through from the emergence of
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In today's world, customer loyalty to ordinary brands is constantly changing, and new products appear and disappear incredibly quickly. Every company, enterprise or store always wants to minimize marketing investments, maximizing the return connection of its customers and clients. Plastic bags with a logo allow you to promote your brand among potential buyers and everyone who will ever pay attention to it. With a good combination of design and colors, passers-by will remember the brand and packaging. Each package becomes a separate powerful adv
Read more about the Pantone Color of the Year 2021.
For over 20 years, Pantone's Color of the Year has influenced product design and color in a variety of industries including fashion, home furnishings, industrial and graphic design, and product packaging. The annual Pantone Color Proclamation is eagerly awaited by the entire world. They continually research and analyze trends in various fields of activity, establishing a color trend that will prevail throughout the year. Designers, marketers and manufacturers willingly use the color of the year in their activities, thereby showing their moderni
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This year can be a breakthrough in the field of new packaging design for various products, which helps brands stand out from the competition. Manufacturing company of flexible packaging Logogroup has collected the top trends in packaging design in 2021.We want to focus on trends in packaging design, which will prevail in 2021. 1. Small illustrated figures and patterns that reveal what is inside.   2. Simply geometry.____________________________________     _ _ 3. Transformation of products into museums of fine arts &n
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Holidays are just around the corner, so harry up to order plastic bags with a logo and flexible packaging! A great way to cheer up your customers and increase sales is to order packaging with a New Year's design. Many companies have used for long this marketing technique and gain a stream of new customers. Therefore, we offer to buy polyethylene bags with a logo for the Christmas holidays at a SUPER price from the manufacturer. In our product range there are also New Year's disposable plastic bags (from a warehouse) for sweets and gifts with a
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While the world is going through not the easiest times, everyone is trying to grab something for themselves. Someof us just want to take a break and relax, some learn new info on different courses, but there are those who are constantly looking for ideas for business and earnings. Our idea is only for the bravest and most confident people! We offer two options: - production of stylish and high-quality flexible packaging or plastic bags for your business, which will definitely attract the attention of potential buyers; - cooperation with our com
If you already have a layout ready for printing, we suggest you read the requirements.
Logogroup manufactures logo polyethylene bags and flexible packaging. We offer high-quality printing on plastic bags and packaging at a very nice price from the manufacturer. Our designer with pleasure to adapt or adjust your logo, but if you already have a ready-made package layout, it will speed up the order processing process. Layout requirements: - The layout must be in vector. Suitable formats are Cdr., AI, PDF. - All colors must be specified in the Pantone Solid Coated catalog (except for the 800 pantons). The layout should contain no mor
How to minimize costs on polyethylene bags.
It's no secret that every business is always interested in minimizing costs. This applies to almost all areas of expenditure, including the purchase of consumables. In our case, we will talk about polyethylene bags and possible ways to reduce the cost of purchasing this product.Firstly, you need to pay attention to is the parameters, size and thickness. These two values should be chosen most optimally, as they will directly affect the amount of raw materials for the manufacture of plastic bags. In order to choose the right thickness, you need t
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Successful presentation and sales of goods largely depend on the attractiveness of the packaging. Working in the market of packaging for more than 10 years, we can say with confidence that packaging "sells" the goods. This applies to both flexible packaging and plastic bags, which carry information and work as an advertisement throughout the city. Scientists have proven that attractive and interesting packaging is 70-80% of success in selling goods. A well-chosen design, color and material can create a miracle. After all, beautiful packaging in
Why it is profitable to buy packages in bulk.
We will try to increase the printing literacy of those who are not related to this area, and explain: why with increasing of circulation, the price decreases. The larger the circulation, the lower the unit price. Let us explain why this happens. Very often customers believe that a small edition will be cheaper, but in practice it turns out the opposite. You need to understand that you are dealing with production. Plastic bags with a logo are also no exception, so we always offer all our customers to buy polyethylene bags in bulk at a very nice
What is now actual to print on packaging.
The last few years have definitely become unique and innovative for the world of packaging. It has long been proven that successful packaging perfectly promotes the product. Therefore, if you are a brand owner who wants to be successful or reach a new level of income, you need to understand that packaging is a dumb seller of goods. We offer to get acquainted with several trends in the world of logo plastic bags and flexible packaging and adopt some of it for your business. ⠀ 1. Ecological packaging. Now just at the peak of popularity biodegrada
How much does it cost to make packages with your own logo?
Undoubtedly, the most popular question of everyone who comes to us for the first time: "What is the price for branded plastic bags?". Since Logogroup is a manufacturer, the cost of the products is definitely nice. And the whole range of goods presented in the company's catalogs does not contain intermediary margins. Logogroup has been functioning in the market of custom plastic bags and other flexible packaging products more than 10 years, we have managed to achieve the ideal price-quality ratio. Therefore, most customers, convinced that our pr
Production of polyethylene bags wholesale.
Logogroup has been operating in the market of logo packages and other flexible packaging for more than 10 years. And for 10 years of successful operation we have managed to achieve an ideal price/quality ratio. We offer to consider 6 reasons why it is worth choosing Logogroup among other manufacturers on the market. 1. Unique branded packaging. |Packages with a logo of our production will allow to emphasize individuality of your brand. We closely monitor the successful combination of colors and use only quality material. All this at an affordab