Production of polyethylene bags wholesale.
Logogroup has been operating in the market of logo packages and other flexible packaging for more than 10 years. And for 10 years of successful operation we have managed to achieve an ideal price/quality ratio. We offer to consider 6 reasons why it is worth choosing Logogroup among other manufacturers on the market. 1. Unique branded packaging. |Packages with a logo of our production will allow to emphasize individuality of your brand. We closely monitor the successful combination of colors and use only quality material. All this at an affordab
Production of branded plastic bags.
The minimum order quantity for plastic bags with the logo depends on: the thickness of the material, size and level of complexity of printing. A unique mixture is prepared for each individual order, depending on the required characteristics of the polyethylene bags or packaging. This causes considerable minimum order volumes and the impossibility of manufacturing products in small batches. The approximate minimum number of orders for custom packaging starts from 5,000 pieces. Instead, we offer a very low price, compared to most domestic manufac
Biodegradable trash bags.
Garbage bags are an extremely versatile product that can be used in production, industry, retail outlets and in the home. It is difficult to imagine at least a day without garbage bags. They make our lives so much easier, and we don't even think about what we would do without these helpers. Therefore, in our range there is a huge selection of garbage bags. In addition to the usual plastic bags, we offer to buy eco garbage bags, which are 3 types: - biodegradable packaging for garbage that decompose in three years; - biocompost bags for trash, w
Polyethylene clothing covers are designed for storage and transportation of clothing. Covers protect clothes from moths, dirt, moisture, dust, lint and other damage. The use of clothing covers of our production is the best way to preserve and extend the shelf life of any wardrobe. Universal clothing covers will help prevent dirt and premature wear. After all, the polyethylene from which Logogroup makes covers is quite strong, so they can be used many times. And last but not least, they are quite practical to use. Plastic bags for clothes can al
Polyethylene bags with logo.
T-shirt plastic bags is one of the most popular types of flexible packaging. Our company has been manufacturing packaging for 12 years, so we can say with confidence that we know all the nuances of manufacturing and printing on packages. Packaging from Logogroup are very strong and practical. The cost of polyethylene bags with logo will pleasantly surprise you, as we are manufacturers of packaging and all the goods we offer do not contain intermediary margins. Logogroup also offers ECO plastic bags of 3 types: - polyethylene bags from secondary
How to choose plastic bags with a logo and other flexible packaging.
According to research by marketers: while a potential buyer pays attention to the packaging and become interested in it, a few seconds pass. Everyone has long known that packaging is one of the most important factors for making a purchase. Our company knows how to create stylish plastic bags with a logo and flexible packaging that will set you apart from the competition. The phrase: "packaging - a dumb seller of goods" - has long been no secret, but few people take it up. Only those entrepreneurs who understand the importance of this statement,
Polyethylene aprons from the manufacturer's warehouse.
Polyethylene aprons are intended for use in shops, factories, food cases, dining rooms as it perfectly protects clothes of the personnel from dust, dirt, moisture, unpleasant smells and other damages. This apron is very practical and does not restrict movement during work. On the other hand, the apron does not allow bacteria to penetrate from the clothes of workers on goods and food, thereby protecting them from contamination and maintaining hygiene at work. Areas of application are really many, as polyethylene aprons are very versatile and are
Production of packing packages.
Packing plastic bags - extremely versatile packaging that can be used in various fields and for almost all product groups. It is especially difficult to do without this packaging in supermarkets, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. We offer to wholesale packaging from the producer. To make sure of the quality of our products, we can send free samples of packaging. There are also flexible packaging of our production from a warehouse, (standard production which we constantly make) the cost can be looked through on a website or you can call us.
Production of polyethylene bags.
Plastic bags with printing definitely attract the attention of potential buyers who want to buy a product in your store, but just have not heard about you. Logo packaging are one of the best ways to express yourself and promote your brand. Logogroup has been manufacturing packages for over 10 years, so our facilities can handle any circulation and design. If you are not quite sure what you are looking for, call or leave your contacts in a dialog window and consult with real professionals. We will help you create plastic bags and packaging that
Production of postal packages to order or products from a warehouse.
Courier bags are plastic bags with an adhesive protective strip that protects the product and prevents counterfeiting. Such plastic bags are widely used by courier and postal services, banks, pawnshops, online stores, etc. The courier package with the logo is designed to securely send correspondence and other goods by mail or delivery. Demand on this packaging is really high, as they perfectly combine: quality, practicality and versatility. Mailbags protect against moisture, dirt and dust, unauthorized access and provide thermal insulation of t
Why do logo packs need your business?
Branding on plastic bags is very important for your business. Customers need polyethylene bags to carry their purchases (it doesn't matter if it's a t-shirt bags or a d cut bag) because not everyone take a bag with himself. The service plays a significant role and, in this case, when you can not offer a solution to the customer's needs, it will also affect whether he will return to you again. The consumer, remembering some inconveniences during the last visit to the store, where he had to feel some discomfort, on a subconscious level didn't cho
T-shirt poly bags with a logo are very popular among consumers. Most often, these plastic bags are used in grocery stores, household stores, hardware stores, that is, wherever the capacity of the package plays a large role. The t-shirt bag packaging is rectangular in shape and is the only type of construction that includes brazing, side folds and tear-off fasteners. It is such a characteristic structure of the package that determines its high strength. Unlike the d-cut bag or the loop handle package, which are more commonly used as an image pac
Flexible packaging of individual sizes.
Logogroup is engaged in the production and sale of plastic bags with logo, custom packaging, flexible packaging film and other polyethylene and polypropylene products. We have been working for over 10 years, during this time we have fulfilled thousands of orders and we cooperate with hundreds of companies all over Ukraine. Our customers include grocery stores, supermarkets, clothing and footwear stores, offices, souvenirs, appliances, construction markets and more. After all, packaging is not a luxury, but a necessity. The packaging we produce
Benefits of poly bags with logo.
Polyethylene bags with the print of the company's logo - an effective advertising move. Advertising souvenir products is not only practical, but also informational in nature and is one of the most profitable ways to advertise the company's activities, its products and services. Therefore, the most effective method of advertising is the manufacture of poly bags with a logo and their distribution. You can print on the bag the company logo, slogan, contact information, and its necessarily to use company colors to enhance company identification. Al
Production of poly packages with logo.
Logogroup has been the leading wholesale supplier of plastic bags with logo, flexible packaging for so long. Our products are always cheap and characterizes as products of high quality. Because there are several alternatives on the market now, plastic bags are one of the most affordable for packing goods. We offer: Custom logo poly bags; Plastic bags from warehouse; Trendy transparent poly bags for packaging; Packaging for packing; Polypropylene bags; Flexible packaging etc. Logogroup is proud of its products, as we achieved the perfect value f