T-shirt bag, die cut bag or loop handle package?

It is the question that bothers many customers that are turning to Logogroup.
T-shirt bag, die cut bag or loop handle package?

Really, it is not easy to choose, but when a customer receives samples of products that Logogroup sends for free, the package selects you by himself.

T-shirt bag
Superman among packages due to its load capacity. Therefore, if the product is not easy and overall, then there are not better option. It doesn't have as large a print area as a die cut bag or a loop handle package but also performs well as a brand promotion. Convenience is exactly about the t-shirt bag. The only type of construction that includes brazing, side folds and tear-off fasteners. Such a package is most often chosen by companies involved in the sale of building materials, clothing, footwear and products, but all packages are universal and suitable for any field of activity.

Die cut bag
We should note that this is an image package that has an elegant view, especially with the right color and design. Die cut packages will emphasize the brand's solidity and sophistication. The design of the banana package is characterized by its impressive mortise handle and large print area. However, in this case, good does not mean weak. Logogroup offers three modifications that increase load capacity and increase product volume. You can add a side, bottom fold, and reinforce handles to the standard design. Bright and shiny banana packages are always looking forward to finally taking a walk with them and noticing how beautiful they are.

Loop handle bag
The packages with the loop handle are very similar to the previous ones, but they have the characteristic "loop" handles that are attached to the structure. They are also branded and designed to carry non-essential goods. However, Logogroup offers a swing option, which will greatly increase the load capacity of the product. It is also possible to order a bottom fold option that comes with the standard structure. Such a package can easy handle with bulky goods, such as a shoe box or heavy machinery.

Logogroup has been making logo packs for a very long time and will be happy to help you solve any problems with packaging. Managers will pick the right product, agree with you the material and size, and the designer will take care of the logo.