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Biodegradable poly bags are created to protect our environment. There is also a lot of false information that is now surfing on the Internet web, about some myths about biopackaging we have already written, here. Biodegradable packaging are created from materials that decompose after three years under the action of water, oxygen and ultraviolet light and then absorbed by bacteria. Also, their decomposition does not emit harmful methane, but only carbon dioxide. We offer to order biodegradable bags with a logo ("T-shirt" bags, "banana" bags, gar
Areas of application and properties of secondary polyethylene products.
Plastic and polypropylene flexible packaging is a product that can be used in vary areas of activity. The polyethylene used by Logogroup for the production of bags with logo and other flexible packaging is characterized by its strength, moisture resistance, elasticity and tightness. Therefore, the company has been successfully operating in the market of packaging for many years and has partners and clients all over Ukraine. Today, as never before, is an urgent concern for the environment. Many researchers around the world are convinced that rec
Why do oxo-biodegradable bags have the same characteristics as polyethylene, and what measures will help to save the environment?
Myth 1. This is very expensiveActually. Bio bags are not made of new material, basically its the same polyethylene. The difference is that in the manufacture of packages to polyethylene add a special additive (read more about the additive), which greatly speeds up the decomposition process. The percentage composition of this supplement is quite low, which allows biodegradable bags to maintain a leading position in the economy. Myth 2. The parameters changeActually. The oxo-biodegradable bag with the logo in its performance does not differ from
Who is responsible for the disposal of packaging waste and what is the way out of this situation.
Packaging - the concept is very multifaceted, it includes products from a wide variety of materials. But what happens after the packaging becomes unnecessary? Used packaging can be used until the moment of unsuitability, for example, a t-shirt bag or a banana bag. But, if the container is no longer suitable for anything, such as used garbage bags, then you should think about such a thing as recycling. When it comes to environmental issues, it is unfair to dump everything on those involved in the manufacture of bags and other packaging. But why,
Why oxo-biodegradable supplement is a smart choice? Its key advantages over competitors
In the modern world, one of the priority areas for the development of new technologies is the development of additives to create biodegradable materials. One of the latest discoveries in this area is oxo-degradable additives. The action of these additives is based on the oxidation of the obtained polymer material under the action of atmospheric oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, in turn, the oxo-degradable additives act as a catalyst for the necessary polymer oxidation process. Oxo-degradable additives accelerate the decomposition of the polymer
Technical information. Oxo-biodegradable additive that reduces the time of decomposition of waste polymer products.
Product Name: ADDITEH ® OX 004 RLL concentrate oxo-biodegradable additive. Regulatory document: TU U 24.6-21628777-003-2007 "Superconcentrates of granulating modifying additives". The hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of the HPP: 05.03.02-04 / 81620 Carrier of polymer: linear low density polyethylene. Product Description: Heat resistance - 260 ° C. Mass fraction of moisture - ± 0,05%. Bulk density - 0.55 ± 0.1 g / cm. cube. Active substances: Synergistic mixture of activators of destruction of polyme
Is it not enough to comply with environmental legislation and current production standards?Why is there so much noise around the use and disposal of packaging?Who should take care of the environment?Are polymers so harmful?How to deal with packaging waste most effectively?How harmful is biodegradable polyethylene?Is it efficient to use renewables, paper bags or cloth bags?How does the refining industry really work? Our blog exists to answer these and many other questions.  In order not to miss interesting information, useful articles and n