Customer journey

6 easy steps to increase your sales!
Customer journey

Since the Logogroup company specializes in wholesale production and distribution, we try to please our customers as much as possible. After all, a satisfied client will remain for further cooperation, and we are always focused on the long term partnership.

The volumes of goods we handle are too large, and the relationships with entrepreneurs and companies that ask us every day to make plastic bags or packaging are too valuable for our team to let things go on their own. Therefore, each stage that our customer goes through from the emergence of a need to a purchase is maximally simplified and customer-oriented. For 12 years of work on the packaging market, we have brought this process to a perfectly adjusted mechanism that continuously functions to satisfy both.

In this article, we would like to tell you about 6 basic steps that a Logogroup client goes through on the way to getting stylish and high-quality packaging.

1. Contacting Logogroup.
It doesn't matter how you find out about us, the main thing is that you have contacted us and we are incredibly glad that you did it. And we are absolutely  ready for cooperation.

2. Consultation and miscalculation.
After contacting the Logogroup company, whether it is an e-mail, a phone call or a reply to an invitation in a chatbot, you will receive professional and, most importantly, prompt consulting on the product that interests you. After that, our manager will calculate the cost and the minimum order for the goods, since the cost depends on the size, thickness, difficulty of printing, the number of colors and the availability of additional functions.

3. Coordination, advance payment.
After the manager provides the price offer and the minimum circulation for the order, the remaining issues regarding the order are agreed. Client should incomplete mandatory prepayment is made, after which the order is sent directly to production. 

4. Manufacturing.
Assistance in developing a layout design or its implementation, launching goods on a production line and further printing. The term of production of goods is 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity and workload. The circulation error is ± 15%, which is explained by the technological peculiarity of the equipment, since it is physically impossible to calculate an absolutely exact quantity at a high print speed.

5. Delivery.
The finished product undergoes internal quality control and is sent to the customer in the required quantity in the specified lines. 

6. Receiving.
The customer receives the goods and pays the rest of the money. After receiving the goods, we are always glad to receive feedback and are ready for your suggestions to improve our work, because "there are no unsolvable problems." Logogroup agrees with this expression and is always ready to listen to you and go to a meeting. Above we tried to describe in as much detail as possible the path of the client who turns to us. We know absolutely everything about packaging and are ready to help you at any time. Stylish bags with a logo, packaging for coffee, groceries or even pet filler. The range is wide enough to meet your needs.

These 6 simple steps can change your sales, increase your visibility and stabilize your image. Polyethylene bags and packaging with a logo are 24/7 advertising that works anytime, anywhere, reaching an incredible number of potential customers.

To consult and calculate the cost, please contact us by phone:(067) 754-90-64, we are always glad to receive your calls.