Business ideas or Dropshipping

Looking for business ideas or want to make money without investing now?
Business ideas or Dropshipping

While the world is going through not the easiest times, everyone is trying to grab something for themselves. Someof us just want to take a break and relax, some learn new info on different courses, but there are those who are constantly looking for ideas for business and earnings.

Our idea is only for the bravest and most confident people! We offer two options:
- production of stylish and high-quality flexible packaging or plastic bags for your business, which will definitely attract the attention of potential buyers;
- cooperation with our company on the principle of dropshipping.

Today is definitely not a time for panic, it is an opportunity for new solutions. Think about how the market situation will change till the end of the pandemic, how many businesses will disappear and then, it will be time to enter the game to new players who have not lost anything, but just enter the ring with grand plans and ideas.
Think about what you would like to do, maybe you growing nuts, bake the most delicious bread or just want to add freshness to an existing business. Our company is ready to assist you in this.

We will make for you any flexible packaging or plastic bags with a logo at a very nice price, with which you will be a leader among competitors and will not have ways to retreat. After all, packaging is a dumb seller of goods. And the packaging of our production is always stylish and high quality.


The second option is to start earning well now, without investments, on the principle of dropshipping! The big advantage of this type of activity is that you do not need to worry about investing in the product, manufacturing issues, maintenance of the warehouse, office, staff, etc. The main task is to generate orders, to look for customers and resell our products at a higher price.

Why is it profitable?
All goods presented in our range do not contain intermediary margins. We do not sell products at retail, although there are many who want to buy our goods from the warehouse in small batches (garbage bags, packing bags, zip-lock, courier bags, boot covers, gloves, aprons, scotch tape and film in stock). Logogroup is more focused on making large batches of goods to order bi individual parametres.

Therefore, we are looking for responsible people who are ready to work and earn money now on the sale of our products. If you are ready to try, for full information and clarification of details call: +38 (067) 716-86-25