Branded packaging

Benefits of poly bags with logo.
Branded packaging

Polyethylene bags with the print of the company's logo - an effective advertising move. Advertising souvenir products is not only practical, but also informational in nature and is one of the most profitable ways to advertise the company's activities, its products and services. Therefore, the most effective method of advertising is the manufacture of poly bags with a logo and their distribution. You can print on the bag the company logo, slogan, contact information, and its necessarily to use company colors to enhance company identification. All these steps attract the attention of potential consumers and do not require further financial assistance. Advertising will work independently 24/7.

Popular “T-shirt” bag with a logo or stylish glossy D cut poly bags, made in compliance with the corporate style, help to remember the brand, widely used for mass distribution of products. The soft loop plastic bags are image-building and create the image of a reliable and successful enterprise. They have the largest printing area, so it is better to apply a brighter and more effective print with a logo on them.

Logogroup is a manufacturer and distributor of logo packaging and other flexible packaging. We produce plastic bags and packaging of really high quality at affordable prices. This is the advantage of working with a product manufacturer. Firstly, it is always a money saving choice, and secondly, due to our capabilities that we have developed over the years, we can offer much more than a favorable price. Logogroup has been operating in the packaging market for more than 10 years and can offer a full product development cycle, free layout creation .

Personal production allows us to minimize prices due to the scale of production, since Logogroup is a manufacturer, we offer to order packages with a logo and packaging in bulk.

We offer to order packing packages, zip lock, film, slider packages and much more in the following ways:
- by phone indicated on the website;
- via chat on the site;
- by filling out a special form on the page of the product.

Qualified managers will contact you in a few minutes and answer all your questions.