What are the criteria you should consider when choosing a package.
First you need to understand what the flexible packaging is. Of course, in addition to the security and transportation functions, it also performs the functions of a carrier of advertising and information, such as polyethylene packages with a logo. This feature allows you to find out basic information about a product and quickly identify it. How to make the packaging "sell"? First of all, you need to answer the 2 most important questions:1. What should I sell?2. Who is the target audience? That is, what is the product: food, clothing, maybe it
Why most entrepreneurs choose packages with a logo?
The most affordable type of packaging today is plastic bags for packaging. The scope of use for this type of packaging is endless. Especially now the packages with the logo are most popular. This solution will provide not only convenience for customers, but also serve as a powerful advertisement for any business. The T-shirt bag is widely used in supermarkets and grocery stores for the packaging of fruits and vegetables. It has two sturdy handles, and a very robust design that can withstand high weights. Therefore, in addition to grocery stores
Who is responsible for the disposal of packaging waste and what is the way out of this situation.
Packaging - the concept is very multifaceted, it includes products from a wide variety of materials. But what happens after the packaging becomes unnecessary? Used packaging can be used until the moment of unsuitability, for example, a t-shirt bag or a banana bag. But, if the container is no longer suitable for anything, such as used garbage bags, then you should think about such a thing as recycling. When it comes to environmental issues, it is unfair to dump everything on those involved in the manufacture of bags and other packaging. But why,
What is flex printing and cliche? Advantages of this printing technology.
Nowadays flexo printing is one of the main types by which images are obtained on various materials. Flexography is widely used for printing on packages and labels. With the flexo machine, you can print packages with your company logo, contacts, or any other information. For many years Logogroup has been using this printing technology. After all, drawing on images, logos or other business information is an integral attribute of the corporate identity of the product, which is also a kind of advertising. Flexo printing is a way to print on a varie
Logogroup is ready to cooperate.
"Will this deal live up to my expectations?" entrepreneurs often ask themselves.We cannot but agree that it is sometimes difficult to start cooperation. Due to some circumstances, many profitable cooperatives remain at the stage of reflection, without ever moving into the real world. One of such circumstances is a lack of confidence in product quality and honesty of a partner. Of course, there have always been and will not be completely conscientious people whose work experience can permanently take away the desire to discover new enterprises a
Logogroup Company received the "Company of the Year 2018" award.
The Organizing Committee of the All-Ukrainian Industry and Analytical Center announces that, according to the results of the conducted analysis, Logogroup is listed in the National Register of Reliable and Investment Attractive Enterprises of Ukraine. According to the registry, the Association for Economic Cooperation and Entrepreneurship Development recommended that the company be awarded under the "1000 Best Enterprises of Ukraine" program for the status of "Company of the Year 2018". The "Company of the Year" award confirms that the company
Step-by-step description of the plastic packaging manufacturing process.
Logogroup's factories specialize in the manufacture of plastic packaging of varying complexity, of barrier materials of various types. These include lines for the manufacture of polyethylene sleeves, polypropylene film and films of combined materials - polypropylene / polyethylene / polyethylene terephthalate / foil / paper. Basic packaging manufacturing technology has not changed for many years, improving only in detail. One of the areas of development is the improvement of the polymer resin components themselves. This includes a number of add
Technical information. Oxo-biodegradable additive that reduces the time of decomposition of waste polymer products.
Product Name: ADDITEH ® OX 004 RLL concentrate oxo-biodegradable additive. Regulatory document: TU U 24.6-21628777-003-2007 "Superconcentrates of granulating modifying additives". The hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of the HPP: 05.03.02-04 / 81620 Carrier of polymer: linear low density polyethylene. Product Description: Heat resistance - 260 ° C. Mass fraction of moisture - ± 0,05%. Bulk density - 0.55 ± 0.1 g / cm. cube. Active substances: Synergistic mixture of activators of destruction of polyme
Is it not enough to comply with environmental legislation and current production standards?Why is there so much noise around the use and disposal of packaging?Who should take care of the environment?Are polymers so harmful?How to deal with packaging waste most effectively?How harmful is biodegradable polyethylene?Is it efficient to use renewables, paper bags or cloth bags?How does the refining industry really work? Our blog exists to answer these and many other questions.  In order not to miss interesting information, useful articles and n