Production of polyethylene bags with logo.
Advertising is a powerful business engine. Any successful brand can function without this indispensable element of the marketing mix. Packaging with logo are an effective promotion tool for almost all areas of activity. In everyday life, people use polyethylene bags every day, this is everyday life, so not everyone thinks that it is a powerful driver in marketing. Plastic bags are a versatile helper in various situations, and are also convenient and cheap packaging. They can be packed with everything from clothes and shoes to car tires. Logo ba
How to choose the thickness of a plastic bag?
All polyethylene bags with the logo are different. They may differ in such characteristics as colors, shapes, sizes or thicknesses. The last characteristic is very important because it is directly related to the strength of the package. For example the ability of a T-shirt bag to withstand the load will depend on its thickness. The thickness of the plastic bags, as well as other flexible packaging, is measured in microns. Often when ordering, the customer does not know exactly what thickness of the package he needs. In this case, Logogroup's ma
More information bout zip lock bags and their features.
Today, zip lock bags are very popular due to their practicality. The special clasp allows tightly seal the package, using it maney times. Since there are a bunch of loose and small items on the market, therefore there is a need to pack them into small packages, and zip lock bags are best suited for this. A secure lock prevents unwanted objects from falling and spilling the contents of the package. There are several variations of these products, but they all share a common feature - a secure and tight zip lock. It is a very convenient package th
Packaging has been and continue to be a key element in the process of brand creation and promotion. Correctly selected color of even the plastic T-shirt bag distinguishes the product against the competitors and gives to it an individuality. Logogroup is engaged in the production and sale of flexible packaging and polyethylene bags in bulk and offers to apply for detailed advice to managers. It is important to remember that color has a great influence on human emotions. Therefore, when choosing the color scheme of a plastic bag or other flexible
Production of bin bags with a logo.
Garbage bags made of high or low pressure polyethylene - a universal plastic bin bag for household rubbish and industrial waste. Usually this disposable bag is used for solid waste. But the material from which Logogroup makes garbage bags is very resistant to chemical corrosive waste, has high mechanical resistance and does not leak. It is also able to withstand high loads without deformation and breaks. Plastic garbage bags are a convenient and sanitary way of getting rid of waste and are widely used in various fields of human activity. Suitab
More information about T-shirt bag.
Courier packages are special polymer flexible packaging used to ship a variety of goods over the postal network. Logogroup manufactures custom packaging, so the entire range of our assortment, including the courier package, can be affixed with a logo or other promotional information. Today, not only every postal company uses this package, but also a large number of enterprises engaged in the trade of a wide range of goods. The beauty industry, the footwear and apparel industry, office or souvenirs are just a small percentage of the total divers
It is the question that bothers many customers that are turning to Logogroup.
Really, it is not easy to choose, but when a customer receives samples of products that Logogroup sends for free, the package selects you by himself. T-shirt bag Superman among packages due to its load capacity. Therefore, if the product is not easy and overall, then there are not better option. It doesn't have as large a print area as a die cut bag or a loop handle package but also performs well as a brand promotion. Convenience is exactly about the t-shirt bag. The only type of construction that includes brazing, side folds and tear-off faste
Advantages of plastic bags with logo.
Packages with the logo are quite popular products, note the companies involved in the manufacture of packages and other flexible packaging. This phenomenon is explained very easily. The fact is that logo packages are one of the most affordable, effective and inexpensive ways of advertising. Packages are used on a daily basis and are always in sight, therefore, the images or any different information affixed to them are remembered by others. Stylish and bright, company-branded packages with a logo will attract the attention of potential customer
More information about T-shirt bag.
Popular durable package for household goods. It is most often chosen as the packaging for consumer goods by the owners of shops and supermarkets. The "T-shirt" bag is characterized by its excellent performance, high durability and low cost. A package that can withstand anything and even more. The only type of construction that includes bottom brazing, side folds and detachable bonding. Due to these characteristics, such packages are widely used in retail as packaging for products, for industrial and textile products. The assortment also include
Profitable advertising for business.
Marketers believe that bags with logo are one of the few 24/7 promotional tools for any business. Most buyers agree that providing a package when they making a purchase is not a bonus, but only a part of the service. To some extent, this is true, but there are a great way to turn this information into a success for your business – is to order print on bags. This solution will provide convenience for customers, which is an important factor of the success in the market and will be a great way to promote any business. Because in addition to
Areas of application and properties of secondary polyethylene products.
Plastic and polypropylene flexible packaging is a product that can be used in vary areas of activity. The polyethylene used by Logogroup for the production of bags with logo and other flexible packaging is characterized by its strength, moisture resistance, elasticity and tightness. Therefore, the company has been successfully operating in the market of packaging for many years and has partners and clients all over Ukraine. Today, as never before, is an urgent concern for the environment. Many researchers around the world are convinced that rec
More information about loop handle bag.
Promotional plastic bags with a logo - a very profitable investment in the promotion of the brand. Loop handle bag or hinged bag with characteristic hinged handles, as well as die cut bags, belong to the image packaging. The presentable appearance of the loop bags always attracts attention and captures the views of a wide audience. When the task is to make the package the most effective instrument of advertising, then you need to make sure that the image or logo is seen by as many people as possible. The die cut bag or t-shirt bag also handles
More information about die cut bags.
Die cut bag are one of the most common types of bags in advertising. The bag was named a banana bag because of the oval handles carved into it. The banana bag has a large print area and it is ideally suited for logo packaging. They are often used by brand stores, exhibitions and when conducting various types of advertising campaigns. Usually this type of packaging has a smooth glossy surface and looks very presentable. Therefore, it is often chosen by companies that want to emphasize their image and status. In addition to the standard bag
Where can I read more about batch products and sample finished products?
Packaging manufacturers need to think about convenience for customers, Logogroup also cares about their customers, so in addition to custom packaging, we offer to buy serial products. For many years, Logogroup has been manufacturing plastic bags, logo bags and other flexible packaging. Quality, reliability and low prices have led to high demand for mass production in many fields of trade and industry. These factors justify the purchase of these products in bulk.The company manufactures series products on its own production, keeping all quality
What are the criteria you should consider when choosing a package.
First you need to understand what the flexible packaging is. Of course, in addition to the security and transportation functions, it also performs the functions of a carrier of advertising and information, such as polyethylene packages with a logo. This feature allows you to find out basic information about a product and quickly identify it. How to make the packaging "sell"? First of all, you need to answer the 2 most important questions:1. What should I sell?2. Who is the target audience? That is, what is the product: food, clothing, maybe it