Production of packaging for packing.
Packing t-shirt bags in block packing and in a roll. Packages are intended for the decision of various problems: from packing of products in shops to packing of nonfoods. Packing bags are used by many companies and enterprises. We offer to buy T-shirt packages in bulk from the manufacturer on our website or by calling. The products we manufacture (plastic logo bags, garbage bags, etc.) meet the established norms and standards, so you can be sure of its quality and reliability of our company. As for the price, Logogroup as a manufacturer offers
Production of stretch-hood film.
Due to such dense packing, the cargo is strongly kept on the pallet, does not fall apart and does not sway during transportation. The stretch-hood film is used for reliable fastening of products of the food industry on the pallet, the construction industry, etc. Advantages of the film: - Strength. The goods are securely fixed to the pallet. Stretch-hood film constantly restrains the pallet in any position, at blows during transportation or at an angle. - Savings. Packaging with this flexible packaging reduces packaging costs by 2-3 times and do
Production of postal packages to order or products from a warehouse.
Courier bags are plastic bags with an adhesive protective strip that protects the product and prevents counterfeiting. Such plastic bags are widely used by courier and postal services, banks, pawnshops, online stores, etc. The courier package with the logo is designed to securely send correspondence and other goods by mail or delivery. Demand on this packaging is really high, as they perfectly combine: quality, practicality and versatility. Mailbags protect against moisture, dirt and dust, unauthorized access and provide thermal insulation of t
Bags for bread and other baking.
Bread packaging protects the product from unwanted contacts and, thus, protects the consumer of the product from various bacteria. Bags for bread is convenient for transporting products, especially for sliced bread. - Excellent protective properties of this flexible packaging; - The product stays fresh longer; - Excellent print quality; - Manufacturing according to individual parameters; - Suitable for packing both entire and sliced bread.
Polyethylene bags for packing
Packing bags for packing from polyethylene. Production of packaging for packing with an additional option - lateral folds that increase the capacity of the poly bag. The packaging have a matte look and excellent elasticity. This type of plastic bags is designed for packing relatively light, shallow and bulk goods, as well as to protect products on the shelves. Polyethylene bags for packing of goods can be made in the form of rolls and in the form of block packing. We offer poly bags wholesale on the most favorable conditions.
Packaging for packing.
Polypropylene bags - durable packaging designed for packaging food and non-food products. Direct contact with food is completely safe. An incredible combination of reliability and beautiful aesthetic appearance. The excellent gloss of a film will give the products packed in a polypropylene package, presentable commodity look. Polypropylene bags of our production:- reliable;- strong;- have an attractive appearance;- universal. We offer to buy packaging wholesale from the manufacturer at the pleasant price. The scope of such packages is unlimited
Why do logo packs need your business?
Branding on plastic bags is very important for your business. Customers need polyethylene bags to carry their purchases (it doesn't matter if it's a t-shirt bags or a d cut bag) because not everyone take a bag with himself. The service plays a significant role and, in this case, when you can not offer a solution to the customer's needs, it will also affect whether he will return to you again. The consumer, remembering some inconveniences during the last visit to the store, where he had to feel some discomfort, on a subconscious level didn't cho
Modern problems requires modern solutions.
Biodegradable poly bags are created to protect our environment. There is also a lot of false information that is now surfing on the Internet web, about some myths about biopackaging we have already written, here. Biodegradable packaging are created from materials that decompose after three years under the action of water, oxygen and ultraviolet light and then absorbed by bacteria. Also, their decomposition does not emit harmful methane, but only carbon dioxide. We offer to order biodegradable bags with a logo ("T-shirt" bags, "banana" bags, gar
Manufacturer of polyethylene gloves.
Production of polyethylene gloves Used to protect hands and goods from bacteria and viruses. Widely used in food, supermarkets, shops, cosmetology, dentistry and restaurants.The universal size of polyethylene gloves is suitable for both adults and children. Manufacture of disposable gloves with excellent value for money
Protect products against substitution.
Production of adhesive film with logo. Adhesive tape is used in everyday life and for packaging, has an adhesive coating. The tape with a logo in the form of a roll with an external non-sticky surface. Most often, adhesive tape is used to glue objects together and for a protective or decorative coating. We offer to order adhesive tape for packing and protection of goods against substitution. The minimum order is 144 rolls.
T-shirt poly bags with a logo are very popular among consumers. Most often, these plastic bags are used in grocery stores, household stores, hardware stores, that is, wherever the capacity of the package plays a large role. The t-shirt bag packaging is rectangular in shape and is the only type of construction that includes brazing, side folds and tear-off fasteners. It is such a characteristic structure of the package that determines its high strength. Unlike the d-cut bag or the loop handle package, which are more commonly used as an image pac
Flexible packaging of individual sizes.
Logogroup is engaged in the production and sale of plastic bags with logo, custom packaging, flexible packaging film and other polyethylene and polypropylene products. We have been working for over 10 years, during this time we have fulfilled thousands of orders and we cooperate with hundreds of companies all over Ukraine. Our customers include grocery stores, supermarkets, clothing and footwear stores, offices, souvenirs, appliances, construction markets and more. After all, packaging is not a luxury, but a necessity. The packaging we produce
Production of film to order.
Flexible and durable material that is easy to work with, and is quite durable and absolutely safe. It is lightweight and quite practical to use. We suggest you to buy film from the manufacturer. Logogroup specialize in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene products. Own production and FREE shipping. Minimum order: 24 rolls.
Benefits of poly bags with logo.
Polyethylene bags with the print of the company's logo - an effective advertising move. Advertising souvenir products is not only practical, but also informational in nature and is one of the most profitable ways to advertise the company's activities, its products and services. Therefore, the most effective method of advertising is the manufacture of poly bags with a logo and their distribution. You can print on the bag the company logo, slogan, contact information, and its necessarily to use company colors to enhance company identification. Al
Production of poly packages with logo.
Logogroup has been the leading wholesale supplier of plastic bags with logo, flexible packaging for so long. Our products are always cheap and characterizes as products of high quality. Because there are several alternatives on the market now, plastic bags are one of the most affordable for packing goods. We offer: Custom logo poly bags; Plastic bags from warehouse; Trendy transparent poly bags for packaging; Packaging for packing; Polypropylene bags; Flexible packaging etc. Logogroup is proud of its products, as we achieved the perfect value f