Polypropylene packaging.
We offer to order polypropylene bags for packing of masks. We manufacture all products in-house, so none of our products contain intermediary margins, which will save you a lot of money. Logogroup has a fairly wide range of products, so it is not a problem for us to make flexible packaging for your parameters. Regarding packaging packages for masks, there are also some possible modifications at the request of the customer: - with the valve; - with bottom fold; - with gluing; - with a clip. You can also print the logo on the packages or any othe
Euroslot plastic bags.
"Euro-slot" packaging from Logogroup perfectly perform their direct function - to protect the product from damage. Secondly, it is possible to print on packaging, which will stimulate sales and attract the attention of potential buyers. In some cases, there is no need to further decorate the packaging or attract attention with the design, but only need to show the product in all its beauty. Transparent polypropylene bags with "euro-slot" die-cutting, on which it is possible to print a logo if necessary, perfectly cope with this task. Thanks to
Flexible packaging with logo.
Snack products have long been gaining popularity, as it is a great option for a quick and tasty snack. This is a variety of nuts, seeds, candied fruit, chips. Therefore, packaging for snacks should be both stylish and practical. The flexible packaging for snacks from Logogroup protects products from premature spoilage, definitely attracts attention and is very practical both in terms of packaging in production and for the consumer. The flexible packaging of our production is characterized by excellent barrier properties and high resistance to m
Polyethylene aprons from the manufacturer's warehouse.
Polyethylene aprons are intended for use in shops, factories, food cases, dining rooms as it perfectly protects clothes of the personnel from dust, dirt, moisture, unpleasant smells and other damages. This apron is very practical and does not restrict movement during work. On the other hand, the apron does not allow bacteria to penetrate from the clothes of workers on goods and food, thereby protecting them from contamination and maintaining hygiene at work. Areas of application are really many, as polyethylene aprons are very versatile and are
Flexible packaging with logo.
Flexible packaging with a logo for coffee can be made with a degassing valve, which stabilizes the excess pressure in the packaging and hermetically protects its contents from the effects of atmospheric oxygen, dust and possible contamination. Vacuum packaging with a degassing valve will allow you to pack coffee immediately after heat treatment and grinding in order to preserve the freshness and quality of your product. You do not have to wait until the coffee stops emitting gas after roasting, coffee packaging with a degassing valve will allow
Why do you need polyethylene packages for tires? The advantages of purchase.
The most common buyers of plastic bags for tires are tire fittings, car repair shops, workshops and shops specializing in tire sales. It would seem, why spend money on such things. But we want to disagree. It is enough to imagine that the customer came to crawl the car, the service was provided, but where to pack the wheels if the trunk is busy or everyone does not fit. And if there is still rain on the street. Hence the soiled salon, the sink and the not so pleasant memories of the service. Like a trifle, but the customer is unlikely
Biopackaging wholesale from the producer.
Consumption of conventional plastic bags in Ukraine and around the world is reaching enormous proportions. That is why our company has long been interested in the topic of eco-packaging and eco plastic bags. We are really trying to change the attitude of consumers to the seriousness of the problem of environmental pollution and we are agitating all customers to give preference to biological packaging. For several years in a row, Logogroup has been giving its customers the opportunity to purchase oxo-biodegradable bags with the logo or bags made
Decomposable biocompost bags with logo.
New offer from Logogroup. Packaging with a logo - an indispensable attribute of every store. They provide convenience, are universal and advertise the brand 24/7 almost free of charge. It is no secret that the whole world is now struggling with environmental pollution. Therefore, modern problems need modern solutions. Biodegradable cornstarch plastic bags are, without exaggeration, eco-friendly products that decompose under special conditions several months after use. To date, there are only a few manufacturers in Ukraine that can offer such pa
Production of packing packages.
Packing plastic bags - extremely versatile packaging that can be used in various fields and for almost all product groups. It is especially difficult to do without this packaging in supermarkets, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. We offer to wholesale packaging from the producer. To make sure of the quality of our products, we can send free samples of packaging. There are also flexible packaging of our production from a warehouse, (standard production which we constantly make) the cost can be looked through on a website or you can call us.
Polyethylene aprons from the manufacturer.
Disposable aprons are designed to protect clothing from dirt and provide hygiene in the workplace. Disposable aprons are extremely light, practical and very versatile. Non-toxic, odorless and do not cause an allergic reaction. It is easy to perform all the necessary operations without fear of dirt or soaking of clothes. High hygiene of the polyethylene apron allows to use it in the food industry, medicine and cosmetology. For some industries, disposable polyethylene aprons are a legal requirement. Polyethylene aprons are simply an indispensable
Production of polyethylene bags.
Plastic bags with printing definitely attract the attention of potential buyers who want to buy a product in your store, but just have not heard about you. Logo packaging are one of the best ways to express yourself and promote your brand. Logogroup has been manufacturing packages for over 10 years, so our facilities can handle any circulation and design. If you are not quite sure what you are looking for, call or leave your contacts in a dialog window and consult with real professionals. We will help you create plastic bags and packaging that
Production of a packing film under the order.
Heat-shrinkable film is one of the types of packaging films, the special property of which is the ability to shrink under the influence of temperature and take the form of packaged goods. The packaging film covers the product very tightly, but did't deforms it. Shrink film also protects products from various damages during storage or transportation. This flexible packaging is completely safe for food packaging. That is why the film is so widely used for packaging confectionery and bakery products. Packaging products in heat-shrinkable film will
High quality packing film.
The air bubble film is a polymeric material with a smooth base and a bubble layer. It is used for packaging fragile products, which are protected from serious mechanical damage by air bubbles placed in plastic capsules and soften strong shocks. Air-bubble film is a world-renowned first-class packaging material. The main advantage of this packaging film over other types of packaging is the many bubbles, due to which the film has unique shock-absorbing and shock-absorbing properties. It is also worth noting that the air-bubble film has excellent
Zip lock from a warehouse and to order.
Zip plastic bags are made of polyethylene and have a characteristic "zip-lock" sealant, which provides multiple fixation of the product. This flexible packaging is suitable for packing and storing small and loose materials: beads, various parts, nails, buttons and other small goods. Zip lock bags of big sizes will be ideally suited for packing seeds, foodstuff, vitamins, a forage, seasonings, etc. Advantages of ziplock packaging: - tightness; - hygiene; - reliability; - strength; - reusable.
Production of packaging for packing.
Packing t-shirt bags in block packing and in a roll. Packages are intended for the decision of various problems: from packing of products in shops to packing of nonfoods. Packing bags are used by many companies and enterprises. We offer to buy T-shirt packages in bulk from the manufacturer on our website or by calling. The products we manufacture (plastic logo bags, garbage bags, etc.) meet the established norms and standards, so you can be sure of its quality and reliability of our company. As for the price, Logogroup as a manufacturer offers