Film for greenhouses and hotbeds.
Film for greenhouses and hotbeds from the producer at the favorable price. Super strong film from high-quality material. Only wholesale orders and free delivery throughout Ukraine. Greenhouse plastic film of our production has an excellent price / quality ratio. And the super strong material of our film saves your money. Because buying not absolutely qualitative film every year is not absolutely favorable. The film for greenhouses and hothouses which we make can be used 5-6 seasons. The film for greenhouses and hothouses meets the highest quali
Flexible packing for fast food.
Flexible packaging for baguettes, pita bread and panini - an indispensable attribute of fast food, takeaway, etc. And good packaging is a profitable component of reputation, image and advertising opportunities. In addition, packaging for baguettes should not only be aesthetically pleasing and stylish, it should be practical and convenient for the customer. We offer packaging for hot dogs, baguettes and pita, which is guaranteed to preserve the appetizing appearance of the product and delay the expiration date, keeping the product fresh as longe
Plastic bags for fuel briquettes and pellets.
Today, fuel briquettes and pellets are very popular in various fields in the spheres of human activity: for baths, boiler rooms, for heating suburban houses and cottages. Every company is interested in making its product the best. The specificity of such goods as fuel pellets does not allow its storage in bulk, as when moisture hits the surface, the granules become wet and dissolve and, as a result - a lack of batch. To avoid this situation, it is important to prevent condensation on the products. Therefore, all manufacturers recommend storing
Polyethylene clothing covers are designed for storage and transportation of clothing. Covers protect clothes from moths, dirt, moisture, dust, lint and other damage. The use of clothing covers of our production is the best way to preserve and extend the shelf life of any wardrobe. Universal clothing covers will help prevent dirt and premature wear. After all, the polyethylene from which Logogroup makes covers is quite strong, so they can be used many times. And last but not least, they are quite practical to use. Plastic bags for clothes can al
Packaging with logo for dumplings, etc.
In order for the product to be noticed, it is necessary that, firstly, it was of high quality, and secondly, it must attract attention, standing out from the competition. This applies to both new products that are just being introduced to the market and existing ones, when you need to stimulate sales or attract even more buyers to the product. Great attention should be paid to the optimal choice of packaging. For more than 10 years of operation, our company knows exactly what customers like and what they need to emphasize. That is why we offer
Polyethylene bags with logo.
T-shirt plastic bags is one of the most popular types of flexible packaging. Our company has been manufacturing packaging for 12 years, so we can say with confidence that we know all the nuances of manufacturing and printing on packages. Packaging from Logogroup are very strong and practical. The cost of polyethylene bags with logo will pleasantly surprise you, as we are manufacturers of packaging and all the goods we offer do not contain intermediary margins. Logogroup also offers ECO plastic bags of 3 types: - polyethylene bags from secondary
Durable flexible packing to order.
The main task to be performed by the packaging is to preserve the contents of the package and to prevent violations of quality indicators. Flexible packaging for the soil of our production is also suitable for packing bulk goods, peat, compost, etc. The density and size of the packaging bags can vary depending on the consistency and volume. Plastic bags for soil are easily sealed, while ensuring reliability during further storage and transportation. The packaging for soil are suitable for heavy mixes, as they are quite strong, so they are ideal
Thermopackages wholesale from the producer.
Thermal foil packaging are an excellent packaging for products whose temperature needs to be maintained. For example, for packing grilled chicken, cooked sausages, other hot or frozen dishes and products. This packaging is quite strong, grease-resistant and moisture-proof. Allows you to keep the products attractive and maintain the desired temperature. This flexible packaging is most often used by fast food restaurants, cafes, shops and supermarkets. You can buy foil plastic bags in bulk on our website. Areas of application for such packaging f
Film for mulching from the manufacturer.
Mulching film is a special material used to cover the soil when growing crops. Mainly used for heat-loving crops. The film protects the crop from weather changes, helps reduce the cost of plant care and guarantee to increase yields. Advantages of mulching film from Logogroup: - creation of an appropriate microclimate; - increase a productivity; - protection of crops from wind, sun and excessive precipitation; - reduces the need for chemicals; - retains the required soil moisture; - protection of plants from pests and diseases; - prevents the fo
Production of plastic bags with a logo for bottles.
Logogroup company offers a wide range of ordered products and goods from the warehouse, among them - branded plastic bags for water bottles. Plastic bags for bottles protect the goods during storage and transportation, preventing scratches and abrasions. In this way, the water container will always be neat and will retain its marketable appearance. In addition to security features, logo packaging for bottles can be a good advertisement for your business. You can order packaging on the website or by calling the number.
Polyethylene covers for clothes from the producer.
Polyethylene clothing covers are designed to store, transport and protect clothes against various damages. Polyethylene covers provide excellent protection against dirt, dust, tears, and lint. Most often used in salons, boutiques, dry cleaners and just at home. The material from which the covers are made, as well as our other products (plastic bags with the logo, flexible packaging, film, etc.) matches all standards and norms established by law. It does not contain allergens and irritants, and therefore is completely safe for contact with cloth
How to choose plastic bags with a logo and other flexible packaging.
According to research by marketers: while a potential buyer pays attention to the packaging and become interested in it, a few seconds pass. Everyone has long known that packaging is one of the most important factors for making a purchase. Our company knows how to create stylish plastic bags with a logo and flexible packaging that will set you apart from the competition. The phrase: "packaging - a dumb seller of goods" - has long been no secret, but few people take it up. Only those entrepreneurs who understand the importance of this statement,
Packages inserts wholesale.
Plastic liners in the box are a great way to protect the product from external stimuli and the environment. The liners in the box perform the protective function of food and industrial goods from dust, dirt and moisture. There are an incredible number of areas of application for this liners. They are most often used for packaging berries, fruits, dried goods, frozen, warm products, such as confectionery and bakery products, etc. The liner for boxes creates stronger protection. The sizes and density of polyethylene liners can be different, there
Film from the manufacturer.
Transparent polypropylene film is one of the most popular materials for product packaging. This film is used for packing goods in the food industry (confectionery, bakery products, pasta, snacks, cereals, etc.) household products, stationery, clothing. Polypropylene film combines reliability, strength, excellent barrier properties and a nice price from the manufacturer. The film is completely safe in contact with food and has no odor. It’s resistant to external factors, temperature changes, protects against moisture, dust and dirt. Logogr
Packing bags for ware.
Packages  for packing from the producer. The range of our products is quite wide, so we offer such an industry solution as bags for disposable tableware. It is also possible to print logo on plastic bags. Packaging with the logo of our production: - tight; - strong; - shiny and glossy; - completely safe for contact with utensils. You can order packaging in bulk from the manufacturer on the website or by number.