Plastic bags for political parties.
In a highly competitive political race, every nuance and detail is important. Plastic bags with a logo are an extremely effective advertising tool. D-cut bags are probably best suited for packing printed materials and other souvenirs that political parties use to spread knowledge about what they do. Plastic bags are not only for practical using, but also it’s also a great advertising, because printing on polyethylene bags will work to promote your campaign 24/7. As this is one of the most profitable ways to promote the political party and
How much does it cost to make packages with your own logo?
Undoubtedly, the most popular question of everyone who comes to us for the first time: "What is the price for branded plastic bags?". Since Logogroup is a manufacturer, the cost of the products is definitely nice. And the whole range of goods presented in the company's catalogs does not contain intermediary margins. Logogroup has been functioning in the market of custom plastic bags and other flexible packaging products more than 10 years, we have managed to achieve the ideal price-quality ratio. Therefore, most customers, convinced that our pr
Diary flexible packaging.
Packaging for milk in the form of a film - the most affordable and most profitable material, which is based on a multilayer film. Polyethylene film for milk from Logogroup is completely safe for contact with food and meets all statutory norms and requirements. The packaging film has a high resistance to stretching and tearing. And the smooth surface of a milk film allows to use it for packing on the high-speed equipment. The film for packing of dairy products of our production well maintains temperatures of pasteurization and sterilization. Thi
Which types of plastic eco packages do we offer?
Logogroup has been operating in the market of plastic logo packaging and flexible packaging for over 10 years. All these years we have been improving, gaining supporters and building strong partnerships. We always try to follow all the trends and know all latest developments in the world of packaging. We believe that the pollution of the environment is one of the most important issues today. Therefore, in our range there are several options for environmentally friendly packaging, which we offer to our customers. These include: polyethylene bags
Black plastic bags for printing cartridges.
Cartridge polyethylene bags are an indispensable package for every cartridge refilling company. However, not every service can provide such a simple packaging service, which actually solves a lot of problems. That's why it's easy to recognize professionals - they always use black cartridge bags. Many inexperienced users, getting a refilled cartridge, put it on a windowsill or other lighted place. Sunlight has a detrimental effect on the drum unit, so it is recommended to store printer cartridges in black plastic bags. Packaging for printer cart
Packaging film to order.
Thermoforming film has become the main standard packaging with the best value for money. The packaging film is completely safe for contact with food. It has excellent barrier characteristics. It is characterized by high resistance to punctures, tears, shocks and wear during transportation and storage. This flexible packaging is able to withstand a variety of storage conditions and copes well with low or high temperatures. The product wrapped in heat-shrinkable film will last longer and will not lose its marketable appearance.   Thermoformi
Plastic bags wholesale to order.
Hygienic plastic bags are an indispensable thing in every hotel or hostel. These packages are used for packing dirty laundry of hotel residents and their subsequent transfer to the laundry. Plastic bags for laundry - an attribute to keep the guest room clean. Such packages can make life easier for both staff and residents of the hotel or hostel. At the request of the customer we will print any information on polyethylene bags or we will make packages with a logo of your hotel. We offer tobuy bags wholesale for linen in Ukraine. With increasing
Production of polyethylene bags wholesale.
Logogroup has been operating in the market of logo packages and other flexible packaging for more than 10 years. And for 10 years of successful operation we have managed to achieve an ideal price/quality ratio. We offer to consider 6 reasons why it is worth choosing Logogroup among other manufacturers on the market. 1. Unique branded packaging. |Packages with a logo of our production will allow to emphasize individuality of your brand. We closely monitor the successful combination of colors and use only quality material. All this at an affordab
Flexible packaging for cat litter with logo.
Fillers for pets have been on the market for quite some time. Today they are almost irreplaceable, so the demand for them is constant. A very large number of manufacturers prefer flexible packaging made of polyethylene. This is due to the fact that such packaging is economical and very practical. Plastic bags for cat litter will help keep the contents of the bags intact. Prevent other substances from entering and protect the filler from moisture, UV rays and other harmful effects of the environment. Many brands have already chosen us, because,
Production of branded plastic bags.
The minimum order quantity for plastic bags with the logo depends on: the thickness of the material, size and level of complexity of printing. A unique mixture is prepared for each individual order, depending on the required characteristics of the polyethylene bags or packaging. This causes considerable minimum order volumes and the impossibility of manufacturing products in small batches. The approximate minimum number of orders for custom packaging starts from 5,000 pieces. Instead, we offer a very low price, compared to most domestic manufac
Polyethylene film in bulk in Ukraine.
Construction film is a universal material used in construction, in industry or household. This polyethylene film is unique in its characteristics, which is why it is so widely used in many fields. Polyethylene film from the Logogroup company has good elasticity, well maintains weather differences, keeps moisture and does not pass vapors. The biggest advantage of construction film is its price, the cost of the film is available to everyone. Our company sells its products on its own, due to which our product does not contain intermediary margins
Packing for packing cubes ice.
Reliable packing for ice from the Logogroup company. Suitable for packing both cube and crushed ice. The material from which we make ice packs fully meets all these requirements and standards. It prevents leakage and has excellent performance characteristics, protecting the product from external stimuli. We provide a service of printing on packages of your logo. Branded packages with a stylish design will emphasize the status and level of the brand. This move will promote the brand, giving others the opportunity to know about it, as well as inc
Biodegradable trash bags.
Garbage bags are an extremely versatile product that can be used in production, industry, retail outlets and in the home. It is difficult to imagine at least a day without garbage bags. They make our lives so much easier, and we don't even think about what we would do without these helpers. Therefore, in our range there is a huge selection of garbage bags. In addition to the usual plastic bags, we offer to buy eco garbage bags, which are 3 types: - biodegradable packaging for garbage that decompose in three years; - biocompost bags for trash, w
Stretch wrap from the manufacturer.
Stretch film has a fairly wide range of applications. It is a universal and simply indispensable assistant in industry, production and in everyday life. Most often, the film is used for tightening and fixing various objects and materials. This is a great option for packing goods on pallets. The stretch film of our production is extremely elastic and strong. It is the high elasticity that allows you to tightly install and secure the product. To buy a stretch film wholesale, means, also to save considerably means as all production specified at us
Film for greenhouses and hotbeds.
Film for greenhouses and hotbeds from the producer at the favorable price. Super strong film from high-quality material. Only wholesale orders and free delivery throughout Ukraine. Greenhouse plastic film of our production has an excellent price / quality ratio. And the super strong material of our film saves your money. Because buying not absolutely qualitative film every year is not absolutely favorable. The film for greenhouses and hothouses which we make can be used 5-6 seasons. The film for greenhouses and hothouses meets the highest quali