Продукція, яку ми виготовляємо з крохмалю
ПАКЕТИ З КРОХМАЛЮ. ЯКІ ВОНИ? Це ті пакети, шо компостоються (мають помітку compostable) — в їх основі кукурудзяний крохмаль і біорозкладні нафтопродукти, які повністю  поглинаються мікроорганізмами. Вони розкладаються і перетворюються на природний гумус. Однак, для цього процесу потрібніспеціальні умови: відповідна температура й вологість. Одним з найпопулярніших продуктів є пакет «майка». На власному виробництві, ми зможемо виготовити потрібну для вас кількість за вашим логотипом. ЧИ ВАРТО ПЕРЕХОДИТИ З ПОЛІЕТИЛЕНОВИХ НА
Верховна Рада підтримала в другому читанні законопроєкт 2051-1 «Про обмеження обігу пластикових пакетів на території України».   Що це означає? Чи заборонять виробництво поліетиленової упаковки повністю?   Ні! Ми ретельно проаналізували всі факти нового законопроєкту й можемо впевнено заявити: так, справді будуть введені зміни щодо пластику, але...    Під обмеження потрапили тонкі, надтонкі та оксорозкладні пластикові пакети, що не відповідають розмірній сітці. Тонкі пакети - ті, котрі мають товщину від 15 д
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Plastic bags are an extremely profitable tool for promoting a brand, store or company. Marketers recommend using this method of disseminating information, as it is very profitable in terms of value for money. After all, plastic bags with a logo are 2 in 1 - practical packaging and round-the-clock advertising. Brand and product promotion is a necessary process for any company or store. In this way, they attract new customers, increase sales and inform about the brand and its values. Printing on plastic bags, you get almost free mass advertising,
Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of attracting more customers. Some people think that it is enough to create a good product or offer a profitable product and a wave of interested buyers will rush to the shelves on their own. It's time to remember that buyers are not "found" by themselves. Of course, there is no universal plan that will suit everyone, but we decided to tell you about several tools on which you should definitely pay attention and integrate into your activities. If you are a beginner and just starting out, we advise you to st
6 easy steps to increase your sales!
Since the Logogroup company specializes in wholesale production and distribution, we try to please our customers as much as possible. After all, a satisfied client will remain for further cooperation, and we are always focused on the long term partnership. The volumes of goods we handle are too large, and the relationships with entrepreneurs and companies that ask us every day to make plastic bags or packaging are too valuable for our team to let things go on their own. Therefore, each stage that our customer goes through from the emergence of
Still don't using branded logo bags yet? Then this article is a must for your reading!
In today's world, customer loyalty to ordinary brands is constantly changing, and new products appear and disappear incredibly quickly. Every company, enterprise or store always wants to minimize marketing investments, maximizing the return connection of its customers and clients. Plastic bags with a logo allow you to promote your brand among potential buyers and everyone who will ever pay attention to it. With a good combination of design and colors, passers-by will remember the brand and packaging. Each package becomes a separate powerful adv
Read more about the Pantone Color of the Year 2021.
For over 20 years, Pantone's Color of the Year has influenced product design and color in a variety of industries including fashion, home furnishings, industrial and graphic design, and product packaging. The annual Pantone Color Proclamation is eagerly awaited by the entire world. They continually research and analyze trends in various fields of activity, establishing a color trend that will prevail throughout the year. Designers, marketers and manufacturers willingly use the color of the year in their activities, thereby showing their moderni
A unique selection of fresh design solutions.
This year can be a breakthrough in the field of new packaging design for various products, which helps brands stand out from the competition. Manufacturing company of flexible packaging Logogroup has collected the top trends in packaging design in 2021.We want to focus on trends in packaging design, which will prevail in 2021. 1. Small illustrated figures and patterns that reveal what is inside.   2. Simply geometry.____________________________________     _ _ 3. Transformation of products into museums of fine arts &n
Plastic bags and flexible packaging from the manufacturer.
Holidays are just around the corner, so harry up to order plastic bags with a logo and flexible packaging! A great way to cheer up your customers and increase sales is to order packaging with a New Year's design. Many companies have used for long this marketing technique and gain a stream of new customers. Therefore, we offer to buy polyethylene bags with a logo for the Christmas holidays at a SUPER price from the manufacturer. In our product range there are also New Year's disposable plastic bags (from a warehouse) for sweets and gifts with a
Looking for business ideas or want to make money without investing now?
While the world is going through not the easiest times, everyone is trying to grab something for themselves. Someof us just want to take a break and relax, some learn new info on different courses, but there are those who are constantly looking for ideas for business and earnings. Our idea is only for the bravest and most confident people! We offer two options: - production of stylish and high-quality flexible packaging or plastic bags for your business, which will definitely attract the attention of potential buyers; - cooperation with our com
Metallized Laminate Cardboard for vacuum packaging.
Metallized Laminate Cardboard are most often used together with vacuum bags in the packaging of various delicacies, soft and fish cuts and other foods. Cardboard metallized are made of moisture-resistant cardboard with double-sided film coating. Thanks to which the substrate does not get wet, does not flake off and does not lose its shape. Cardboard metallized gold and silver for smoked food and vacuum packing are intended for presentation (calculation) of confectionery, fish, sausages. The laminated substrate gives the product a more attractiv
Polyethylene sleeve from the manufacturer.
Since wood is exposed to the destructive effects of the sun and moisture, it requires special storage and transportation conditions. The Logogroup company offers the manufacture of polyethylene sleeves for wood and lumber. This type of flexible packaging solves the issue of storage and transportation of wood. Thanks to this, mold and cracks will not appear on the tree, and it will not deform or rot. We also offer high quality sleeve printing. The aesthetic appearance of the packaging will attract the attention of buyers, and the paint with adve
Stylish polyethylene bags.
At the same time stylish and convenient flexible packaging is the perfect combination. ✅ individual branded plastic bags;✅ effective advertising for your business;✅ raising or maintaining the brand image;✅ free product samples;✅ delivery across Ukraine is FREE;✅ production time up to 3 weeks. Logogroup is proud of its products, as we have managed to achieve an ideal price / quality ratio. We offer to order transparent polyethylene bags in bulk, made according to individual parameters and with the printing of your logo. We also produce transpare
Polyethylene film wholesale.
Logogroup manufactures polyethylene film for packing polyfoam and mineral wool with full-color flexographic printing. In a film and bags of our production it is possible to pack any insulating, roofing materials and heaters. You can print your ad and contact information on polyethylene film! Excellent performance characteristics, internal quality control and free samples of products. Our company offers to wholesale a flexible packaging film from the producer! To calculate the cost and the minimum quantity and call us: +380679419315.
Vacuum heat-shrinkable bags
Vacuum heat-shrinkable bags are designed not only to preserve the appearance of the contents of the package, but also to significantly extend the shelf life of food. - Excellent barrier characteristics;- Tightness;- Strength;- Ergonomics;- Excellent product presentation. If you decide youy need vacuum packaging for the first time, and you are hesitant about the size and characteristics or doubt whether this flexible packaging is suitable for your products - call us and our managers will give you quality advice online or visit our office in Ivan