If you already have a layout ready for printing, we suggest you read the requirements.
Logogroup manufactures logo polyethylene bags and flexible packaging. We offer high-quality printing on plastic bags and packaging at a very nice price from the manufacturer. Our designer with pleasure to adapt or adjust your logo, but if you already have a ready-made package layout, it will speed up the order processing process. Layout requirements: - The layout must be in vector. Suitable formats are Cdr., AI, PDF. - All colors must be specified in the Pantone Solid Coated catalog (except for the 800 pantons). The layout should contain no mor
How to minimize costs on polyethylene bags.
It's no secret that every business is always interested in minimizing costs. This applies to almost all areas of expenditure, including the purchase of consumables. In our case, we will talk about polyethylene bags and possible ways to reduce the cost of purchasing this product.Firstly, you need to pay attention to is the parameters, size and thickness. These two values should be chosen most optimally, as they will directly affect the amount of raw materials for the manufacture of plastic bags. In order to choose the right thickness, you need t
Plastic bags and sacks to order.
Plastic bags of our production have excellent performance characteristics and are made of very durable material that will prevent unwanted tears, punctures and other damage. Bags for growing mushrooms fully fulfill its task - to preserve the substrate and create an ideal microclimate for growing mushrooms. The sizes and thickness of bags can be different, because we make packaging to order for individual parametrs. Plastic bags provide reliability during storage and transportation of the substrate for growing mushrooms. The cost of mushroom bag
Heat-shrink packages from the producer.
Shrink bags for cheese at a very pleasure price. Shrink bags were designed specifically for cheese ripening. We consider all wishes of our customers and nuances of packaging for diary products and ensure that these heat-shrink packaging for cheese of our production match all following characteristics. - Maintain humidity at the optimum level. - Protect products from the negative influence of oxygen. - Preserve the desired taste and aroma of cheese. - Simplify the process of caring for cheese when its ripening. - Contribute to release of carbon
Flexible packaging with unique design.
The flexible packaging by Logogroup will definitely be remembered by your potential customers! Production of flexible packaging that match with all statutory standards and requirements and has excellent performance and barrier characteristics. We know what consumers like and how to make packaging "sell" your product. We adapt and help to create a unique design for free and provide the delivery at our expense all over Ukraine. We offer to buy flexible packaging in Ukraine from the manufacturer at a very nice price. We accept only wholesale order
We will create incredible flexible packaging for you!
Successful presentation and sales of goods largely depend on the attractiveness of the packaging. Working in the market of packaging for more than 10 years, we can say with confidence that packaging "sells" the goods. This applies to both flexible packaging and plastic bags, which carry information and work as an advertisement throughout the city. Scientists have proven that attractive and interesting packaging is 70-80% of success in selling goods. A well-chosen design, color and material can create a miracle. After all, beautiful packaging in
Flexible packaging with logo.
Flexible packaging for goods of this group must match with established standards and characteristics. Logogroup company offers high-quality flexible packaging for groceries (salt, tea, pasta, cereals, spices, etc.), which include the following characteristics. Tightness. The packaging of our production is moisture-proof and completely airtight, which will guarantee long-term storage of packaged products. Strength. The high-quality material that we use to make plastic bags and packaging protects goods against punctures, tears and scratches. Con
Manufacturing of plastic bags and sacks.
Polyethylene bags for PET bottles for individual parameters. Production of plastic bags and sacks to order in various sizes, thickness and with the possibility of printing on plastic bags. The materials that Logogroup uses for the manufacturing of its products match with all established norms and requirements. Absolutely all products that we manufacture are certified and they are of high quality. You can make sure this statement by ordering free samples of our products, contact manager for this. The range af our products also includes: T-shirt
Why it is profitable to buy packages in bulk.
We will try to increase the printing literacy of those who are not related to this area, and explain: why with increasing of circulation, the price decreases. The larger the circulation, the lower the unit price. Let us explain why this happens. Very often customers believe that a small edition will be cheaper, but in practice it turns out the opposite. You need to understand that you are dealing with production. Plastic bags with a logo are also no exception, so we always offer all our customers to buy polyethylene bags in bulk at a very nice
Shoe covers and polyethylene film for boot covers.
Strong film for boot covers with excellent barrier properties. We offer you a high-quality and inexpensive polyethylene film for the production of shoe covers, which meets all established norms and requirements. - Free shipping. - Free product samples. - Price from the manufacturer. We will promptly make a polyethylene film for shoe covers (canvas, sleeve) of the necessary sizes and thickness. Only wholesale orders.
Biodegradable dog poop bag.
Cleaning by  your dogs, especially in public places, is a necessary procedure that should not be neglected, as dog waste is quite harmful to soils and water bodies. Ecology is now in the first place in all areas, that's why we offer modern solutions - biodegradable bags for dogs. Such plastic bags decompose in 3 years and they are absolutely ecological and safe for the environment. Logogroup has been engaged in the manufacture of garbage bags for a long time, including bags for cleaning dogs. We offer to order such polyethylene bags for do
What is now actual to print on packaging.
The last few years have definitely become unique and innovative for the world of packaging. It has long been proven that successful packaging perfectly promotes the product. Therefore, if you are a brand owner who wants to be successful or reach a new level of income, you need to understand that packaging is a dumb seller of goods. We offer to get acquainted with several trends in the world of logo plastic bags and flexible packaging and adopt some of it for your business. ⠀ 1. Ecological packaging. Now just at the peak of popularity biodegrada
Plastic bags for political parties.
In a highly competitive political race, every nuance and detail is important. Plastic bags with a logo are an extremely effective advertising tool. D-cut bags are probably best suited for packing printed materials and other souvenirs that political parties use to spread knowledge about what they do. Plastic bags are not only for practical using, but also it’s also a great advertising, because printing on polyethylene bags will work to promote your campaign 24/7. As this is one of the most profitable ways to promote the political party and
How much does it cost to make packages with your own logo?
Undoubtedly, the most popular question of everyone who comes to us for the first time: "What is the price for branded plastic bags?". Since Logogroup is a manufacturer, the cost of the products is definitely nice. And the whole range of goods presented in the company's catalogs does not contain intermediary margins. Logogroup has been functioning in the market of custom plastic bags and other flexible packaging products more than 10 years, we have managed to achieve the ideal price-quality ratio. Therefore, most customers, convinced that our pr
Diary flexible packaging.
Packaging for milk in the form of a film - the most affordable and most profitable material, which is based on a multilayer film. Polyethylene film for milk from Logogroup is completely safe for contact with food and meets all statutory norms and requirements. The packaging film has a high resistance to stretching and tearing. And the smooth surface of a milk film allows to use it for packing on the high-speed equipment. The film for packing of dairy products of our production well maintains temperatures of pasteurization and sterilization. Thi