Biodegradable bags with the logo

Decomposable biocompost bags with logo.
Biodegradable bags with the logo

New offer from Logogroup.

Packaging with a logo - an indispensable attribute of every store. They provide convenience, are universal and advertise the brand 24/7 almost free of charge.
It is no secret that the whole world is now struggling with environmental pollution. Therefore, modern problems need modern solutions.

Biodegradable cornstarch plastic bags are, without exaggeration, eco-friendly products that decompose under special conditions several months after use. To date, there are only a few manufacturers in Ukraine that can offer such packaging. Almost all the characteristics remain the same as in conventional plastic bags.

The cost of biodegradable bags with the logo is calculated individually, as it depends on:
- circulation;
- sizes;
- number of colors;
- availability of additional functions.

Call and consult, we will offer a profitable option just for you!