Package for packing small and bulk goods of combined barrier materials (ldpe/pet). With round (oval) bottom, which provides stability in the upright position. Under manual sealing.
Additional options:
- with a degassing valve,
- with a zip lock.
The degassing valve provides a one-way gas outlet from the middle of the package in case of an increase in internal pressure. The zip-lock lock provides multiple fixation of the product.

SKU: 80C0
"Дой-пак" з клапаном дегазації
"Дой-пак" з зіп-замком
  • Material - LDPE / PET
  • Film thickness: 50 to 120 microns
  • Sizes: from 8.5x14 to 21x38 mm
  • The color of the film is custom
  • Multilayer film
  • Print - 6 colors
  • Silk-screen printing - 4 colors
  • Activation for silk-screen printing
  • Serial analogue

Dimensions and areas of print

A, B + C - the size of the package, B - the height of the insert for mounting.
The height of the package includes the insert for mounting, the size of the bottom insert depends on the size of the package.

F, E are indentations for the print area.


Product samples

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SKU: 80C0