Packing (PP)

Universal polypropylene bag for packing small-sized goods and food.
Package options: bottom fold, valve, valve-seal, clip, slot handle.
The bottom fold increases the volume of the package, the simple valve for thermal seal, the valve seal for manual seal. Mounting clip for use in packing machines, slotted handle for easy carrying. Contact your consultant managers to determine the optimal package design.

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Packing (PP)
Фасовка (РР) з клапаном
Фасовка з донною складкою
Фасовка (РР) з врізною ручкою
Пакет фасувальний (РР) з заклейкою
Пакет фасувальний (РР) з кліпсою
  • Material - PP
  • Film thickness: 35 to 100 microns
  • Sizes: from 5x10 to 40x60 cm
  • Multilayer film
  • The base color of the film is transparent
  • Print - 6 colors
  • Activation
  • Ventilation openings

Dimensions and areas of print

A, B are the dimensions of the package.
C is the size of the bottom fold.
D is the size of the valve.
F, E are indentations for the print area.

The size of the bottom fold, valves, cut-in handle are specified individually. The mounting size of the clip is standard.
Consult the manager to calculate the correct sizes and options.

Packing (PP)
Packing (PP)

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Packing (PP)
SKU: 50PP0