Euro-slot package

Universal polypropylene bag for packing small and loose goods. With cutting on the top solder under fastening on trading stands. For manual sealing.
Possible package designs:
- with valve-sticking;
- with liner;
- with reinforced seam.
The liner increases the strength of the solder under the mounting and accordingly the load of the package. The squeegee valve enables packing, avoiding the sealing process.

SKU: 40PP0
Euro-slot package
"Євро-слот" з клапаном-заклейкою
"Євро-слот" з вкладишем
"Євро-слот" з підсиленим швом
  • Material - PP
  • Film thickness: 20 to 45 microns
  • Sizes: from 10x10 to 40x50 cm
  • Multilayer film
  • The base color of the film is transparent
  • Flexoprint - 6 colors
  • Activation
  • Ventilation openings

Dimensions and areas of print

A is the width of the package. In - the height of the top solder. The height of the package takes into account the height of the upper solder.
D is the size of the valve.
E is the width of the strip of suture.

G, F are the security fields for the print area.

Euro-slot package
Euro-slot package

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Euro-slot package
Euro-slot package
SKU: 40PP0