Film in roll (PE)

Semi-finished plastic film. For packaging in packaging machines.
The film can be ordered in the following options:
- sleeve,
- sleeve with side fold,
- half-sleeved,
- canvas.

SKU: 33PE0
Film in roll (PE)
Плівка з боковою складкою
Плівка в рулоні (напіврукав)
Плівка в рулоні (полотно)
  • Material - LDPE / HDPE
  • Film thickness: 10 to 300 microns
  • Roll width: 7 to 450 cm
  • The color of the film is custom
  • Multilayer film
  • Perforation
  • Flexoprint - 6 colors
  • Activation for silk-screen printing
  • Ventilation openings (5 mm)
  • Recycled analogue
Pay attention!
You can order bio-folding analogue

Dimensions and areas of print

Max. roll width - 3 m.

The size of the side fold is selected individually.
Drawing the image - in the desired area of the roll.

Film in roll (PE)
Film in roll (PE)

Product samples

Some samples of custom products. The information on this section is constantly updated. Also stay tune for our Facebook page for more updates.

Film in roll (PE)
SKU: 33PE0