Plastic bag

For packing of large-sized goods, designs, tires, furniture, clothes.
Plastic bag options:
- side tab,
- bottom tab,
- the hole under the eyelets.
There is a possibility of applying a service image in the desired area of the bag, making the bag in the right color.

SKU: 30PE0
Plastic bag
Мішок з боковою складкою
Мішок з донною складкою
Мішок з отвором під вішак
  • Material - LDPE / HDPE
  • Film thickness: 15 to 200 microns
  • Sizes: from 40x50 to 350x400 cm
  • The color of the film is custom
  • Multilayer film
  • Perforation
  • Flexoprint - 6 colors
  • Activation for silk-screen printing
  • Ventilation openings (5 mm)
  • Recycled analogue
Pay attention!
You can order bio-folding analogue

Dimensions and areas of print

A, B are the dimensions of the package.
C is the size of the lateral fold.

D, E are indentations for the print area.
Contact a company manager for qualified measurements and accurate sizing of the plastic bag.

Plastic bag
Plastic bag
SKU: 30PE0