Postal package

Plastic bag for documents, small and medium-sized goods with adhesive tape on the valve.
Provides correspondence protection from moisture, dirt and dust, protection from unauthorized access (deformation of the valve after opening).
An additional option is a pocket for supporting documents.

SKU: 20PE0
Postal package
Пакет кур'єрський з кишенею
Пакет кур'єрський
  • Material - HDPE / LDPE
  • Film thickness: 30 to 80 microns
  • Sizes: from 13x19 to 48x63 сm
  • Multilayer film
  • The color of the film is custom
  • Flexoprint - 6 colors
  • Silk-screen printing - 4 colors
  • Activation for silk-screen printing
  • Recycled analogue
  • Serial analogue

Dimensions and areas of print

A, B are the dimensions of the package.
C is the size of the valve. Selected automatically.
D is the size of the document pocket.

E, F - print security fields.
Print color is indicated in N + N format, where N is the number of layout colors for one side of the package. The print side is zero.

Postal package
Postal package

Product samples

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Postal package
Postal package
Postal package
SKU: 20PE0