10 trends in packaging design for 2021!

A unique selection of fresh design solutions.

This year can be a breakthrough in the field of new packaging design for various products, which helps brands stand out from the competition. Manufacturing company of flexible packaging Logogroup has collected the top trends in packaging design in 2021.
We want to focus on trends in packaging design, which will prevail in 2021.

1. Small illustrated figures and patterns that reveal what is inside.


2. Simply geometry.



3. Transformation of products into museums of fine arts




4. Drawings made in technical and anatomical manner.




5. Different organic and shape combinations.




6. Vintage design. 




7. Fronted and center name location.



8. Perfect symmetry. 



9. Story packaging with fictional characters.




10. Solid all-over color.



So, are you ready for the new packaging design trends for 2021?

If you are planning to launch a new product or have long dreamed of redesigning the current look of the product - try to pack it in one of the hottest trends. As you know, packaging is a dumb seller of goods. The great packaging design makes customers enjoy your product before they even open it, so do not miss the opportunity to please them from the first second.

Our company keeps up with the times, so we are always ready to implement the boldest ideas and designs. We manufacture packaging only from polyethylene, polypropylene or biodegradable material. Call us and order a unique package that is guaranteed to attract the attention of your customers, increasing sales!